The watch essentialsTest

Designed as the first step towards becoming an Expert in Fine Watchmaking, the Watch Essentials test is accessible for “beginners” in the sector.

Hour of test
Subject matters

Promoting the values of Fine Watchmaking means understanding its mechanisms. In 80 questions, the Watch Essentials Test ascertains a level of watch knowledge by focusing on four main subjects:


40 questions about the mechanics of a watch, how a movement works, the functions of its various parts, and the main watchmaking complications.

Market Players

20 questions relate to the brands and products that shape the world of watches, as well as to the industry’s economic environment.

Materials & Finishes

15 questions focus on the materials used in watchmaking such as gold, ruby, maillechort, silicon and Superluminova®.

Culture & History

5 questions determine how familiar you are with the milestones in watchmaking history: key dates, major innovations, illustroius watchmakers and the inventions for which they are remembered…

How to get readyFor the test?

  • Follow our in-class training sessions
  • Download and complete our Watch Essentials mobile application (free)
  • Enrich your knowledge with our bibliography (available after registration)
  • Perform the HH Certification test to familiarize yourself with the typology of the exam
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Where to takeThe exam?

Check out the dates & location. Private sessions can be organised upon request.

Check out the dates & location

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