Understanding luxury watches is only one click away !

The M-Learning of fine watchmaking

To fulfill its vocation of training and deliver keys to understanding Fine Watchmaking, the HH Academy presents its first mobile app, the “Watch Essentials”. Available on Apple Store and GooglePlay Store, the app provides knowledge about the essentials of watchmaking.



WIN THE OPPORTUNITY TO PASS THE HH Certification – WATCH ESSENTIALS TESTfree online and test your knowledge in watchmaking.

If you successfully pass the Watch Essentials Test, you will receive the corresponding diploma that will officially validate your watch knowledge.

Find out more about the Watch Essentials Test
How to be eligible?
  • Be in the first 1000 participants to complete the Watch Essentials app between April 3 and June 30, 2017.
  • Click on the button below to give us:
    • Your code that you will receive at the completion of the app
    • Your name, first name and email
    • The language for the test (English, French, German, Italian, CHS, CHT or Korean)
  • Within 5 days you will receive all necessary information in order to register for the session of your choice.

The pros of the app

  • Free application
  • First application on watchmaking knowledge
  • Educational and innovative approach
  • 47 immersive, playful and interactive games
  • Winner of the first prize “TOPCOM” within the mobile application category